Partnering with TV Shopping Channels can be extremely valuable to building brand awareness and selling large volumes. Beauty has become a runaway success on TV Shopping over the last decade. Many TV Shopping channels offer live 24 hour programming on dedicated beauty channels.

image003It is now generally accepted that TV Shopping offers attractive revenues for brands which carefully plan shows. Moreover, multi-channel sales of brands can benefit from the increased brand awareness and opportunity for clear messaging afforded by TV Shopping. Finally TV shopping adds great educational value because consumers can see the benefits and results of using products direct from their own living room, and then purchasing by phone or via website.

But success is not straightforward.

There are plenty of challenges to negotiate, and like most things today, a great deal of effort is required. At Techno Beauty Brands we explain to clients that not all TV Shopping companies are the same, and their needs are many and varied.

Therefore, before following a TV Shopping channel strategy, we advise clients that it is essential to BE PREPARED in the following key areas:


1. Customize the product offer

TV Shopping often requires an alternative offering from mainstream retail or it will be dictated by price alone. Brands should consider developing special offer packs, limited editions, offer gift packaging and even gratis bonus product inclusions to set it apart from retail.

  1. Give TV Shopping consumers clear, concise information

Airings may range from 10-15 minutes to 30-60 minutes and the consumer has a huge variety of products to choose from. The message must be clear and compelling, leaving the consumer in no doubt as to the featured product benefits, claims and expected results from the brand.

  1. Follow Vendor guidelines and procedures –

TV Shopping channels operate a 24/7, 365 day service with tens of thousands of brands appearing on air. It is therefore essential to ensure everything within the supply chain meets the desired standards and schedules. Some of the questions you need to be able to answer are:

  • Can we supply significant volumes with our current infrastructure?

  • How do we manage Consumer returns?

  • Do we need to enlist support for the supply chain management?

  • If in doubt, ask the key contacts at the TV Shopping partner for advice.


  1. Brands must understand pricing fully.

Unlike in main street retail, the TV Shopping partner will operate with varying consumer pricing structures geared to offer consumers great value. Pay this careful attention.

2. Evaluate the impact of money-back guarantees and installment payment plans.

Money back guarantee offers should match the expected time periods in which consumers can expect results

Installment payment plans are usually at the behest of the TV Company and are powerful tools for high ticket items appearing for the first time.

  1. Expect to negotiate cost pricing in line with these pricing structures.

Be sure to run the numbers carefully.


  1. Plan the show like a Hollywood Director:

Who will present the product and tell the story? An experienced Guest Presenter is essential and will make or break the brand. Does the brand already have a presenter in its home market? Is the Guest Presenter able to travel and is this cost effective?

Develop a well-thought out script which delivers the key messages

What props, set up furniture, and extras are required to complete the set?

How much does this cost?

  1. Clarify the goals of the show with the TV Shopping partner

Understand the show’s performance metrics with the TV Shopping partner. Ensure the Shopping partner expectations match those of the brand.

Have a backup plan if there is a need to change tactics because audience interest has not ignited as planned.


  1. Performance Review

Be ready to review and understand performance against the goals set by both parties.

  1. Prepare contingency plans with TV Shopping partner with regards to:

Successful sell-out: – how quickly can we raise additional inventory? Are more shows available for the brand?

Below forecast performance: – what are the key remedies for a quick and successful turnaround? How do we manage potential Vendor returns?

Consider how the brand will manage after sales questions/complaints/praise from consumers.


  1. The devil is in the detail.

Expect a great deal of detailed work to support TV Shopping. Does the business have available, capable, knowledgeable resources on the team?

Understand the roles and needs of the key buying and operational contacts at the TV Shopping partner.

Learn about the personalities and hosts presenting for the TV Shopping partner.

As brand principal responsible be sure to give time to understand the entire program being created because TV is a powerful medium – potentially positive and negative for brands.

Techno Beauty Brand’s principals, David Hughes and Peter Townsend, have worked in the international beauty industry for more than 50 years combined. They have successfully introduced brands to QVC’s international businesses as well as other leading TV Shopping companies in the world and understand the success criteria and many pitfalls faced by a brand new to TV Shopping.

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