selling internationally
Tony Michalski, U.S. Senior International Trade Specialist

Professional Beauty Association (PBA) in conjunction with U.S. Department of Commerce provides a solid informational webinar to help your U.S. business sales transition into international sales.

This 30-minute webinar provides ideas as to what business owners need to take into consideration when transitioning from domestic U.S. sales to international sales. Based on a poll on what may prevent a U.S. business from selling internationally 14% are not sure where to start, 50% are not sure where or who to connect with, 14% consider cost as a means of prevention, and 14% state the idea of a language barrier or communication as a barrier. There is a solid amount of information in this webinar, from Tony Michalski, Senior International Trade Specialist with the U.S. Department of Commerce.


Speaking on key points as to what a U.S. business should understand about taking their sales internationally. The discussion will touch upon, “Why export?” the benefits and challenges businesses face when trying to go into international sales, and “Export readiness” how to organize yourself in order to have successful end results in trying to extend your business sales. According to Tony there are 95% of consumers outside of the U.S. that businesses should want to have access to, and this is definitely one of the greater benefits of taking a business globally. An increase in profit, diversifying audience, and enhancing competitiveness to strengthen business are also beneficial reasons for taking part in international sales. The strategy of assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating is shared in this webinar. U.S. business owners interested in international sales should make it a part of their plan to identifying global partners. There are entities in place in the U.S. and internationally that are available for connecting businesses with specialist. The webinar provides information regarding this while directing you to resourceful sites that provide more key information.


The Professional Beauty Association: PBA provides this on-line educational platform in conjunction with U.S. Department of Commerce geared to help businesses develop new markets. Be sure to view the FREE webinar  SELLING INTERNATIONALLY, EXPLORE YOUR OPTIONS WITH AN EXPERT !!

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