What’s Snowberry Been up to since Cosmoprof North America?

Snowberry was one of the Discover Beautybrands that launched at Cosmoprof North America this year and it was a huge hit. The natural skin care brand ‘that is good for you and the earth’ won the acclaimed 2011 Discover Beauty Award and has been featured in many publications, including the October issue of Marie Claire. Not a bad start for a new brand out of New Zealand. We asked Soraya and Greg from Snowberry a few questions about their experience at the world’s largest trade show in North America, and what has happened since then.


Receiving 2011 Discover Beauty Award in Las Vegas, Nevada
Editorial Mention- Marie Claire

1.      So, what has been happening at Snowberry Headquarters in New Zealand, since Cosmoprof North America?

Dr. Andy Lavrent of Snowberry is never too from a significant enhancement to a new product. Expect to see soon, the extraordinary peptide-punch of the Snowberry Intensive Renewal Face Serum, boosted even further. And the long awaited, 100% natural Active Outdoor SPF30 sun protection product, the complement to our Everyday SPF15, is near to launch. But as you might expect, we are also having conversations with buyers from beauty stores across the U.S. Cosmoprof North America was a tremendous opportunity for us to meet professionals who love skin care, and more particularly, people looking for anti-aging skin care to offer their customers that is really very different. For us there is the great pleasure too, of knowing that we are making many new friends in your wonderful country.

2.      Where should we expect to see Snowberry this Fall and 2012? Will the brand be at national retailers including online?

Before Christmas, expect to find Snowberry exclusively at Henri Bendel in NYC, at Dermstore.com, and other retailers to be announced shortly. Through 2012, we expect Snowberry to be widely available on-line, as well as in many stores across the U.S.

3.     Snowberry is such an eco-conscious line and has amazing formulations from your plantations in New Zealand, what is the most popular item that everyone wants?

We strive to make Snowberry as sustainable as we can. Every single Snowberry product is certified carbon neutral, on the shelf, anywhere in the US, and indeed, anywhere in the world. This is very important to us, because we see climate change as the single-most important issue confronting humankind. Of course, what we do is infinitesimally small, but when we all make an effort, truly wonderful things can happen. Our bio discovery plantation in New Zealand is also part of that effort. When we extract bio actives from New Zealand rainforest plants for Snowberry products, it means we have the opportunity to reduce the ingredients we currently bring from other places. But the Snowberry Gardens are not just about reducing our carbon footprint. Even more importantly, we are searching for more effective antioxidants and emollients, as well as new-to-the-world anti-aging ingredients. Just as we love creating very special skin care, we love to grow and nurture the very special plants that will make that skin care simply incomparable.

And the most popular Snowberry product? Without doubt the Smoothing Eye Serum. This wonderful product really helps to reduce fine lines and combines an extract of the bark of the canon wood tree with a particular peptide specifically designed to help reduce eye bags.

4.     Will you be distributing out of New Zealand or out of the United States?

We are presently arranging distribution out of Griffin, just outside of Atlanta. We expect to ship Snowberry to retailers across the US from there by the end of November.

5.      Where do you see Snowberry in 5 years? Will you have your own stores, etc?

Over the next five years we want to see Snowberry available to customers everywhere in the U.S, in-stores, on-line and in spas. Snowberry stores? Possibly, but our focus will remain steadfastly on continually enhancing the anti-aging effectiveness of Snowberry products, and making the Snowberry skin care experience as beautiful as we can. There is no more important objective for us than to have customers say they love the way their skin looks and feels once they have changed to Snowberry. We know that many customers have that experience now, but we also know we can make it even more rewarding!


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