By Jamie Kern Lima, Co-Founder IT Cosmetics

• How did Cosmoprof help It Cosmetics get to the next level in the beauty market?

Discover Beauty was an amazing opportunity to meet one-on-one with both domestic and international buyers and get their direct feedback on product assortment and brand positioning. Many of them had not heard of our brand before, so it was a great opportunity to get our products in front of them for the first time. As a result we had our first Trunk Show at Henri Bendel Department Store in NYC and are excited to continue working with them! We also met so many other wonderful brand owners, and it was a great opportunity to exchange advice as well. We were so honored to be selected as a Discover Beauty 2010 brand and the experience truly exceeded our expectations.

• What’s new with It Cosmetics? Where is the brand available?

Wow, what a year it’s been! Since Discover Beauty 2010 we’ve launched on QVC and cannot imagine a better partner. We’ve been on air more than three-dozen times now this past year and still, every time I step foot in the QVC studios I get goose bumps, I get nervous, and I say a prayer of gratitude for having such an amazing opportunity. We are now getting our first premier full 1-hour IT Cosmetics show on QVC July 27th at 1am, which is almost a year to the date of Discover Beauty 2010!!! Last week we were also honored with the 2011 ICMAD Cosmetic Innovator of The Year Award as a company. This year truly has been filled with blessings, and we are working as hard as we can to prove everyone right who has believed in us!

• If you had one word of advice on launching a new beauty line – what would it be?

First, are you ready to work 24/7 without a sick day, without vacation and most likely without any money for a very, very long time!!! I have worked very hard my whole life from a very young age, but nothing could have prepared me for how hard launching a brand can be. You have to be tough, you have to believe in yourself and your products above and beyond all of the times you will hear people and buyers tell you “no.” Of course you have to have innovative and original products and positioning. But I believe that’s not enough to make it. You have to be ready to be “all-in” so to speak! And that can really take its toll on balance and health in your life. So my best piece of advice, is to have as many areas of your life in balance as you can prior to making the commitment, because once you do it is very all consuming and often requires every ounce of your energy to make it survive and thrive – and to get your company to the point where you can finally afford to hire enough people to help. Most of the brand owners I know share in this experience, so just really make sure you are ready in every way…and then go for it!

• As an entrepreneur, what drives and inspires you?

Solving womens problems and making their lives a bit better, in an innovative way that no one has done before. Sometimes it can be with developing a true game-changing product like our Bye Bye Under Eye concealer that many of our customers have called “life-changing” but other times it can be by simply making women feel a bit more happy and beautiful! For our Brow Power eyebrow pencil for example, we partnered with the Look Good, Feel Better program, and for every single pencil we sell, we donate one to the program to go to a woman facing the effects of cancer. Because of our amazing partnership with QVC, we have sold more than 60,000 Brow Power pencils this year alone. That is 60,000 women that will hopefully gain a bit more confidence as they battle their way to recovery. I lost my father to Cancer this year and this is a disease that affects many of us directly and indirectly at IT Cosmetics. Knowing that we have products that really make a difference, and that we are putting good energy into the world, that is what drives me!

• What product is a must in your beauty regimen?

Oh, so many! Here’s what’s in my makeup bag now that I cannot live without: Brow Power (I have no brows!), Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer, Philosophy Purity Made Simple Cleanser and Hope in a Jar for Sensitive Skin, Laura Geller Body Frosting (covers varicose veins!), Donna Karen Cashmere Deodorant, Peter Thomas Roth 1.5% Retinol PM, Josie Maran Argan Balm, Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat Nail Polish, OPI Polish in Bubblebath, Dr. Gross peel pads, plus a bunch of IT Cosmetics lab samples of new products we’re developing for 2012!

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