Beauty is a chore…but not anymore. CND(Creative Nail Design) has transformed the nail care industry with the revolutionary launch of Shellac. Released at the 2010 Cosmoprof North America, the long-lasting power polish has rocketed into salons around the globe. Shellac is different from soakable gels because it is easy to remove. Better yet, it has zero dry time, and lasts up to 14 days with a mirror finish shine. Perfect for vacations, holidays and weddings, Shellac is strong enough to hold up through any thing.

So, what now? CPNA Newsflash asked co-founder, Jan Arnold of CND about the future of the groundbreaking product, the significant impact it has had on the professional beauty industry, and the way consumers do their nails.

  1. Since the launch of Shellac at CPNA 2010, has there been an increased demand for the product by salon and retail distributors?

    The demand for Shellac product since its launch has been extraordinary and unprecedented. Shellac’s launch spurred a major shift in the global nail industry. Waitlists around the world for this innovation have been the beauty equivalent of the much-buzzed-about iPad. CND’s UK Distributor, Sweet Squared, boasted a record-setting daily profit after the launch with total sales of $100,000 in one day, where Shellac purchases attributed for 80% of the day’s earnings.

    Shellac instantly grew from ‘cult following’ to ‘modern must-have.’ Within one month of its introduction, Shellac sold out four times over. We expect this momentum to continue with the introduction of 12 new shades in March 2011.

  2. Is CND expected to unveil new additions to the Shellac nail line at beauty tradeshows in 2011?

    CND is launching 12 new Shellac shades in March 2011, with colors ranging from beige and deep purple, to oxblood red and black and a much-demanded sparkle. This expands the Shellac range to 24 chic shades plus countless layering options. 6 additional colors will be introduced in Fall 2011.

  3. As Shellac becomes more popular, could it replace commonly used nail polish and gels in salons and retail distributors?

    Shellac is a big draw for natural-nail women who want a maintenance-free manicure. It has brought many more women in the salon because of that value. However, there will always be clients for regular polish and enhancement coatings too. Some women love to change their color every two days and will stay with polish. Others want the sculpting and protective benefits of acrylics and gel.

    Shellac has simply created its own category…not to be confused with soakable gels, of which there are many players. For the 85% of women who do not currently go to salons for services, we’ve found that once they Shellac, there’s no going back.

  4. Does CND foresee Shellac becoming a complete at-home product?

    Shellac will remain a professional salon service. If the application is not done correctly, Shellac won’t wear as it should.

  5. PR is so important for any product launch; RED PR, a New York City boutique firm, received an honorable mention for the CND Shellac launch. What is the firm’s strategy to maintain a successful image?

    RED’s approach with Shellac goes beyond simple publicity and product placement, it starts with brand strategy.

    RED helped to generate media and industry buzz with endorsements from high profile nail professionals, celebrities, and leagues of consumers. Our goal is to educate how Shellac is different. It truly is a power polish, not a gel. There will always be “me too” products but the technology in the formula sets Shellac apart. Having Katy Perry, Rihanna, Salma Hayek, Janet Jackson and Lady Gaga as fans certainly helps fuel the buzz.

    Shellac has been a huge success from a PR perspective because it is a service that lives up to the hype.

    Quote from CND Co-founder and Style Director Jan Arnold about Shellac:

    “Shellac is a time-saving, new technology that will radically change the way women think of their nails. It is a polish-gel fusion that applies like a nail polish but wears tough like a gel for lasting results without chips, dings or nicks. 14 days+ of flawless wear will allow woman to have fret-free perfect nails…leaving time to do the more important things in life. Nail professionals will be able to add extra dollars to their manicure service – up to 50% more income than a basic polish. Shellac’s five years of development in the laboratory was well worth the wait!”

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