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A Spotlight of the hottest beauty trends for the year.

Beauty products have seen a new wave of innovation with high-tech tools and gadgets set to revolutionize the category. From mini, handheld blowdryers and frizz-fighter straightening irons to hair treatments that turn back the hands of time, technology is a frontrunning trend for 2017.

Aria Beauty Unicorn Mini Blow Dryer
Aria’s bestselling salon approved baby dryer gets a unicorn makeover! Designed for salon retail, travel or the gym, these tiny hair dryers deliver salon performance. The products contains negative ions to clean hair and remove frizz. Its dual voltage is ideal for travel anywhere and it’s suitable for all hair types.

Aria Beauty Unicorn Super Glam Straightener Set
The Aria Beauty Unicorn Super Glam Straightener Set is created for the ultimate convenience with a professional touch. This all-in-one luxury set gives you the tools you need for perfect hair anywhere in a Unicorn pastel finish. The set contains a 100% ceramic straightener, salon paddle brush, tail comb, 2 pro jaw clips and a goddess ponytail circle cuff.

Beauty Tribe Jetset Hot Roller
From tight spiral to loose beach waves, the Jetset Collection provides dramatic versatility and innovation. Created for today’s trends, the Jetset Hot Rollers offer an 8-second heat up and patented cool touch roller caps, providing long lasting curls, shine and softness to hair. Customized to your hair needs, the Jetset is available in 3 diverse professional grade sets:  The Professional, The Volumizer and the Spiral.

Can the aging process be reversed in hair? That’s the promise of Evox, an in-salon treatment by Evolution Proof. Its Hair Rejuvenation Therapy employs fibroblasts, which are activated by cryogenic technology to repair hair on a cellular level. The fibroblast molecules – along with keratin, collagen, and vitamins – act to revitalize, reconstruct, and reinforce the natural hair structure, resulting in a rejuvenated, shiny appearance. Evox’s molecular treatment is kept in ampoules in a cryogenic chamber, and then warmed up using a hairdryer to activate the fibroblast cells. It’s then mixed with water and applied to the hair in the salon, with an accompanying range of products to maintain the results. The treatment works on all hair types, enhancing the natural texture of both curly and straight hair, and smooths the hair cuticle without creating damage.

O’Nine Nail Easy
Nail Easy provides a water-based, vegan color, virtually odorless and peel to remove formula nail polish. It can also be touched up with ease or even changed as often as you change your clothes. Nail Easy’s formula is made of water, resin and mineral color powder. It’s the healthiest retail nail polish on the market.


Chill out with these beauty must-haves that not only brighten for flawless complexions but provide a cooling sensation fit to fight any warm weather.

TOV Camellia Cooling CC
Created to keep skin fresh by providing a refreshing feeling when applied to the face, the TOV Camellia Cooling CC utilizes a water drop puff that adheres to curves of the face, keeping them moist and glossy. Its advanced technology alleviates irritates skin, but also absorbs and evaporates heat to provide cooling. Its formula brightens the face, lowers skin temperature, whitens the skin, and blocks ultraviolet rays.


Anti-aging products faced a major makeover in 2017, with a surge of innovative technologies and techniques that fight wrinkles and fine lines, while rejuvenating skin for the most youthful appearance. 

DeepSkin is a beauty device using Iontophoresis technology, which is a needle-free injection, to penetrate functional nutrients of facial mask sheet into skin more effectively.  It penetrates directly into skin with high penetrance to show whitening, wrinkle improvement and moisturizing effect. Especially, skin care system of aesthetic and professional beauty shop can be conveniently used at home, which is economical in terms of time and cost. It has proven clinically that there is little irritation to the skin, no addiction or no side effects, and it has already been recognized in advanced countries such as Europe, USA, as well as domestic by patent technology.

Derma Pure Skin Clinic Iron
Korea’s Derma Pure Skin Clinic Iron brings the concept of ironing out wrinkles to the face, using a variety of different actions. The company claims that the device can lift the skin and help to activate collagen production, using micro-currents, sound wave vibrations, LED light, heat, and negative charge. All these elements come together to stimulate the complexion, and can be used on either the face or body, depending on the device’s setting. It can also be used with skin creams, to help the product penetrate the skin. Launched in Korea in 2012, the device hasn’t yet hit the US market. The ergonomic device even nods to an iron’s shape, though it’s designed in a pearlescent material with rose gold details, lending a glamorous touch.

Lisse Real Hydrogen Rejuvenate Mask
Lisse is a Korean brand that has introduced a revolutionary use of active hydrogen in cosmetics. Lisse utilizes its patented technology, Active Hydrogen and Hydroxyl Ion Formation System, to generate water rich in hydrogen and hydroxyl ion, and the water is the base and the essence of Lisse’s Real Hydrogen skincare products.  Rejuvenate Mask is a combination of latest technology, convenience, well-being, and beauty. It’s a premium ear-hook sheet mask fully soaked with high concentration essence consisting of fresh hydrogen water, botanical extracts, and certified anti-aging agents for comprehensive care for busy modern people who have dry, troubled, aging and/or sensitive skin.


Let your beauty products do the talking with these mood-enhancing must-haves! Whether adapting to your body’s natural temperature or pH chemisty, these mood-inpired cosmetics create one-of-a-kind color just for you!

LeChat Dare to Wear Mood Colors
The magical Dare to Wear Mood Nail Polish is back in 12 new color-changing cream shades that dramatically shift colors depending on whether you’re feeling cold or hot!  The unique formulation of the Dare to Wear Mood Polish uses thermal temperature-activated technology developed by LeChat. This technology allows color to change shades based on body temperature and the surrounding climate. Run your fingers under ice water and see the color shift within seconds!

Moodmatcher® Split Stick® Lip Color
Celebrating 30 years of success with the Moodmatcher brand, Fran Wilson Cosmetics is pleased to announce the launch of Moodmatcher Split Stick® Lip Color.  A blendable 3-in-1 version of their famous cult lip color, in six bestselling shades. Moodmatcher continues the brand legacy by delivering all the benefits that have inspired such fierce devotion to the brand since it was first introduced in 1987, including:  Lip color that’s personalized, adapting to your skin’s pH chemistry for a color that’s distinctly yours, Lip color that changes instantly as you apply it, then intensifies over time, and a lip color that’s good for your lips, with a moisturizing formula, enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe vera.


Put your REM in overdrive with products that go to work while you get your beauty sleep. 

Supermood is a Finnish skin care and wellbeing line that tailors its products to a consumer’s emotional state, rather than their skin type. The brand was founded by Anne Kukkohovi in 2014, who set out to take an “holistic” approach to beauty. Its products are presented as three ranges: Egoboost, Beauty Sleep, and Youth Glow. Egoboost includes products such as Moisture Kick Serum, designed to tighten and moisturize the skin, boosting confidence. It’s formulated with Finnish chaga fungus, which is rich in antioxidants. Among Beauty Sleep’s range are Overnight Rejuvenation Capsules, containing collagen, hyaluronic, and vitamin C, to boost collagen and aid in cell repair, replicating the effect of a restful night’s sleep. And the Youth Glo range contains actives such as fruit acids and moth bean extract – an alternative to retinol – to reduce the signs of aging and create a youthful glow.


With busy schedules, on-the-go beauty has never been more important! These grab and go portable items are timesavers without a sacrifice to your beauty routine.

Feather & Bone Face Gems
Feather & Bone Face Gems are a convenient, easy-to-transport facial exfoliator. The “gems” come in tablet form, with their formulation based on Ayurvedic ingredients. CEO Shubhangini Prakash was inspired to create the product after having used a home-made concoction created by her mother to clear her skin as a girl. The user adds between five and ten drops of water to the single-use tablets, and then massages the tablets to create a paste, which is then applied to the face to cleanse and exfoliate, before being rinsed off. The tablets are made from three ayurvedic ingredients: fuller’s earth, an exfoliating clay that binds with the oils in the skin to remove them; sandalwood, with a pleasant aroma; and starch, which moisturizes and cools the complexion. The tablets are made without additives or preservatives.

PreHeels creates a strong, lasting, invisible barrier on the skin to protect your feet from irritation and blisters. Balms don’t work. Bandages are ugly. In contrast, our proprietary formula dries quickly into a totally clear barrier that goes with any style and skin tone. It conforms perfectly to the unique shape of your foot to provide optimal coverage anywhere you need it, and because it stays in place, it provides a full 6+ hours of long-lasting protection from blisters, irritation, cuts, hot spots and chafing.

Sphynx Portable Razor
Sphynx has invented the first ever portable razor that is designed to let you shave on-the-go. Sphynx was created to sidestep your regular beauty routine, and designs smart efficient products that give you more freedom to do the things you love. The Sphynx Portable Razor retails for $14.99 and Sphynx Refill Packs retail for $7.99. They are available to purchase at ULTA, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People, American Eagle and

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