is a hair-centric e-commerce site that is dedicated to making its users have good hair days, every day. By arming its fans with knowledge as well as the best and brightest in hair technology, Folica is revolutionizing how women shop for haircare products. We asked Noelle Raezer from’s merchandising team for some insight on how the company operates.


1. What is one of the unique points of difference that Folica brings to consumers (compared to other beauty e-tailers)?
A unique point of difference that offers is our engagement with our customers to offer the best shopping experience.  We achieve this several ways – content, customer reviews, easy navigation and a support system for our customers from the minute they enter our site to the package arriving at their doorstep and beyond. offers a vast assortment of content on our site.  At Folica it’s not just about selling hair care products, it’s about giving our customers the tools, content, and education to find the right products for them to execute a desired look, solve a concern, or achieve a benefit.  With that in mind we offer tons of ways to learn about hair including videos (almost 10 million views), how-to tutorials, Q&A’s with the Professional experts, tricks of the trade and much, much more.
We also help our customers by offering reviews by customers just like them.  We have almost 80,000 product reviews on our site and we allow our customers to filter those reviews with people, who have similar hair types, hair color and hair texture.  It allows our shoppers to read those reviews that are more relatable to them.
If you’ve ever visited our site, you’ll see many product categories around specific hair types, concerns/benefits and product features.  With so many brands and products in the hair industry, we need to help our customers find the right product, down to their very specific needs.  Our vast assortment of categories help the customer feel confident they are finding products specific to their needs.
Our customer service is top rated! offers our customers support in many different ways while shopping online.  We recently integrated live chat so customers can get immediate assistance.  We also provide a link on every page so our customers can email us at any point while on our site.  These emails go out to every department and our avg response time is 8 hours.  We also have certified hair stylists on board so we can answer even the most technical questions immediately.  These are just a few ways our customer service is exceptional and we have a few new site enhancements happening over the next quarter that will make the customer experience even better.  Stay tuned!

2. is all about hair, so what is your best selling classification right now heading into spring?
Our customers want versatility to their hair styles so our appliance category continues to be our best selling classification.  There are so many new and innovative tools out right now that our customers are excited about. Ie. touch screen appliances, argan steam infused flat irons, Postive/negative Ion Dryers (for more volume or super sleek looks in one dryer) and interchangeable curling iron barrels.

3. Do you place a lot of emphasis on being the platform for the best in hair products or a source of information?  What are your customers always asking for?
Yes, we believe we are the best resource online to find, learn about and experience hair products.   It’s not just about pushing products to our customers.  It’s really about helping them achieve great hair days.  Everyone’s hair is like their own unique calling card.  At it’s our job to help our customers find the right products for their hair type or desired hair style.
We receive all types of questions from our customers each day.  Most of customers are looking for product recommendations based on their specific needs.

4. From the recent shows during fashion week, you see a lot of rocker-type hair and understated lose pony tails…do you see hair accessories playing a big factor in these looks?
Hair accessories will play a big factor this spring.  It allows our customer to change up their look without committing to one hair style, color or cut.   From clip in bangs, to the bright hair accessories our customers want more versatility to their hair styles.

5. What do you predict as the next big opportunity ?
One of the biggest opportunities right now is our naturally curly, highly textured hair customers.   With very different hair textures and chemical processes, these customers manage their hair in a much different way and spend more time and money than the average consumer on achieving a style.  Our hair industry needs to offer more content, education, and products tailored to textured hair types.



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