How is the Millenial Generation changing eCommerce for beauty brands?

cpna-10Millennials bring to the table a unique set of purchasing habits unlike anything we’ve seen before. They shop differently than their mother’s and grandmother’s, and want complete control over the shopping experience. Millennials go out of their way to cultivate their own unique style, and purchase decisions are more likely to be influenced by social media, advice from their friends, celebrities, or famous beauty bloggers than by a brand or traditional advertising. Consumer incomes are on the rise, and the changing lifestyles presented by the Millennial group are driving the global beauty industry, which is forecasted to reach $265 billion by 2017. This consumer group gravitates towards eCommerce instead of in-store shopping since it allows Millennials to achieve complete control over their shopping experience. Beauty brands are rethinking their strategy to reach these consumers, taking advantage of augmented reality beauty solutions so shoppers can instantly try and buy online or in an app, creating a true end-to-end eCommerce experience.

How has YouCam Makeup grown their audience to over 130 million users in just 2 years?

The maturation of the Millennial generation and the rise of augmented and virtual reality are key factors in YouCam Makeup’s explosive growth. Millennials don’t just want to look their best, they want to look THE best and are very receptive to engaging with computer-aided beauty to get to their desired look. One of the key factors in the success of YouCam Makeup is the app’s highly precise facial recognition technology which instantly maps over 100 points on the user’s face taking into account factors like skin tone and lip color to achieve a truly perfect virtual try-on. Perfect Corp. works with the best brands and media outlets in the industry to ensure that we are on the cutting-edge of every trend, and constantly providing our users with fresh content and tools. The vast majority of our app growth has been organic. Our technology is filling an essential need for the modern woman and when users across the globe see that, theyare eager to become part of our thriving beauty network.

What was the inspiration behind YouCam Makeup?

When I go to purchase makeup, I’m always faced with questions like, “Will this color look good on me? Will that lipstick match my skin tone?” All women know the frustration and hassle of sampling makeup to find the right product. YouCam Makeup was created to remove barriers and difficulties of makeup product testing and purchasing. YouCam Makeup gives you a full variety of colors and styles that you could never access before, right in the palm of your hand. It was also created as part of an interactive platform, Beauty Circle, which enables consumers to discover, try, buy and discuss all things beauty and fashion direct from their mobile devices. With this goal in mind, we aspire to connect users and beauty brands with technology to allow customers to become more intimately involved with the makeup products and brands they love.

How does YouCam Makeup simplify makeup for the everyday woman, and help brands accommodate their needs?

Finding the right products, brands, and colors can be very intimidating especially considering the endless options, both old and new, available on the beauty market. YouCam Makeup provides a free individualized experience where every woman can easilytest out looks, colors, and more from their favorite brands before committing to a purchase. Brands also benefit from YouCam Makeup’s technology as they can instantly give the app’s more than 130 million users the opportunity to try on complete collections of products instantly. Users can not only try on colors and styles in the app, but are also redirected to the brand’s website if they would like to make a purchase. YouCam Makeup takes the guesswork and stress out of finding beauty solutions, making beauty and makeup a fun and enjoyable experience, instead of a chore.


What demographic that you are targeting?

Beauty-obsessed millennials.The growing popularity of bloggers and social media influencers, has brought about an increased passion and desire to understand beauty. Everyone wants to learn how to apply makeup the right way.  The rise of beauty influencer speaks to the preference of Millennials to connect with real “unbiased” people for beauty advice. Millennials value the recommendation and tutorials of bloggers and vloggers, and trust them more than brands, especailyl when it comes to purchase decisions. We see YouCam Makeup as the beginning of a new age of beauty in which consumers have complete control over mastering techniques and finding the best products. Beauty Circle is the social complement to our apps. It wascreated to be the daily guide that brings together consumers, beauty brands and media in a one-stop destination for the modern woman to create and express her own beauty identity. Beauty Circle has quickly grown to become an active community where users can access daily style news, product recommendations, hot-totutorials,top  makeup looks, and exchange ideas about beauty and fashion. We empower users to discover and refine their personal style, and share their own ideas and creations.

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