Trends for 2011

Megan McIntyre

As the Beauty Editor for, one of the top beauty destinations on the web, I have a lot of opportunities to see what’s new and exciting in the industry. Over the summer, I had the pleasure of attending CPNA 2010 for the first time and interacting with tons of great new brands. In addition to checking out the latest products to hit the market, I also was able to see what trends would be big for 2011. Here’s my list of top trends to look out for as we enter into the New Year.

Go Green(er): Since its advent in the early part of the decade, the natural market has only continued to pick up speed and has now reached its full saturation point. Consumers’ understanding of natural and organic has caught up with brands’ ability to provide truly green products, which has resulted in some of the purest, most eco-conscious products to hit shelves in some time.

At CPNA 2010 I had the chance to speak with five amazing brands—Kelly Teegarden Organics, Rahua Hair Care, The Skin Deli, Barista Bath & Body and The Jojoba Company—that were providing high-quality, innovative and efficacious products to the natural market.

Hair care in particular is really growing by leaps and bounds as new production methods allow brands to provide healthier options in styling products like hairspray.

Double-Duty: With the technology available to beauty brands nowadays, consumers are starting to expect more from their products. It’s no longer sufficient for a concealer to just cover up under-eye circles; it now has to help fight wrinkles as well. We’ll see more and more makeup products, from eyeliner to foundation, that are infused with skin-healthy ingredients. One sub-category that will see a major jump is the lash growth sector. The end of 2010 brought a few such products to the market, but expect to see a significant increase in the amount of liners, mascaras, primers and treatments aimed at growing lashes.

The Return of Glamour: After years of trendy colors and boho hairstyles, 2011 will see women embracing the idea of glamour once again. Nowhere was this more evident than in the hair care category, where a deluge of new styling products hitting the market will encourage women to play with their hair to create styles that are more “done.” We will also see a return to classic styling tools like hot rollers to help women get that Old Hollywood, retro-glam look.

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