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Step 3: Empowering Influencers as Co-Creators

headshotStep 3: Empowering Influencers as Co-Creators
By Alex Rawitz

In our last post, we described how brands reward their most prolific influencers with personalized experiences, engendering loyalty that helps build a strong brand family. Having a dependable squad of influencers who produce a steady stream of content is a major milestone, and plenty of brands are content to operate at this level. But after the trips to exotic locales are over and the lavish boxes of products are sent, a question remains: how can brands engage both influencers and their audiences on an even deeper level, driving a spirit of genuine personal investment? The answer lies in our next step, as brands work together with influencers to develop new products, a process that greatly accelerates their personal and professional development. Continue reading Step 3: Empowering Influencers as Co-Creators

Step 2 : How To Win Friends and Influencers

cpna-13Step 2: Influencer as Valued Member of the Brand’s Family
By Grace Chao


Last month, we discussed how to embrace influencers who are already talking about your brand: Check out their content, listen to their needs, and send them product accordingly. Let influencers know that your brand cares about what they think. But after you’ve reached out to an influencer once, what next? How can you ensure that they will continue using your products, and keep talking about your brand with their followers? Continue reading Step 2 : How To Win Friends and Influencers

Give Your Brand A Makeover: How Top Beauty Brands Stand Out

cpna-12When it comes to beauty brands, there’s good news: the demand for digital content has never been higher, or more accessible for consumers. Social Media has allowed beauty brands to create a more viable experience to learn, share and try new products. Where other industries may be challenged, it’s easier to create an engaging video tutorial for makeup application or a new hair product than ever before. Through culturally­relevant, highly shareable content such as expert tips, incentives and giveaways, beauty brands have taken advantage of the high demand for constant digital and social content. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and now Snapchat have allowed consumer engagement to increase leaps and bounds leading to not only views but engagement ultimately driving sales. Continue reading Give Your Brand A Makeover: How Top Beauty Brands Stand Out