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Beauty Stat’s Honest Advice on Social Media Success

Beautystat.com is a beauty maven’s dream. The largest online beauty community connects consumers with beauty truths and dispels all beauty myths. At the same time, Beauty Stat gives consumers product recommendations based on their custom profiles. By allowing consumers to connect directly on the site and keeping an open, honest approach, Beauty Stat has become the “honest beauty bff” of the World Wide Web.
CEO Ron Robinson share a few of the ingredients on the recipe of Beauty Stat’s success. Like what you see? Come see Ron at Cosmoprof North America’s “Social Marketing: The Power of Social Tools,” taking place on Tuesday, July 24th, from 11:00-12:30.







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Social Media Know-How- Use It To Your Advantage

YouBeauty is changing the way we look at beauty.  With a partnership with celebrity doctors Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen, YouBeauty.com is the first website to exclusively explore the link between health and beauty.  Over 1.6 million women worldwide log on each month to see advice from YouBeauty’s panel of experts, and thousands of women on Facebook and Twitter discuss various topics in a sub-community that is linked to the website. 
Laura Kenney, YouBeauty’s Editor-in-Chief, weighs in on their social media success and how smaller businesses can use social media to their advantage.  Like her insights? Learn more from YouBeauty’s Chief Marketing Officer Stuart Bogarty at CPNA’s “Social Marketing: The Power of Social Tools” conference, taking place on Monday, July 23rd, from 11:00-12:30pm.

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With the integration of social marketing and e-commerce into brand positioning, Cosmoprof North America was proud to present the conference entitled “Social Media Marketing: Monetizing Your Online Efforts,” as a part of its educational series in 2011.  The panel was comprised of tech-savvy experts from both inside and outside the beauty industry.  Some notable insights include:

Brad Klaus, CEO of Extole, is responsible for increasing consumer-driven marketing for big names such as Redbox, the Discovery Channel, and Audi. By using word-of-mouth marketing, and getting your consumers to work for you, a brand can easily gain more “likes” and “follows” with little cost.  Brad supplied us with case studies to show that consumers will indeed work for a brand by recommending it to others, and sharing brand info through their own social media handles.

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