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Digital Beauty: Building a Powerful Ecommerce Brand Experience

InstaNatural has been a major player in the beauty segment on Amazon in the last few years and has since expanded to a range of other e-tailers including Walmart.com, Jet.com and iHerb.com.

We’ve taken insight around how consumers shop online to quickly expand the brand’s ecommerce footprint with a focus on top ecommerce platforms. Because content is critical to winning in the market with our online retailers, we’ve quickly boosted internal capabilities including a new studio, as well as acquiring ecommerce marketing talent that allows us to tell our brand’s story within these new channels.  In addition, we’ve designed merchandising and promotional strategies to win over shoppers throughout her online purchase journey.  InstaNatural’s expansion has allowed the brand to build an omnichannel presence with a data-driven mindset. Continue reading Digital Beauty: Building a Powerful Ecommerce Brand Experience

Alice CosmoProf Interview Q’s and A’s

How is the Millenial Generation changing eCommerce for beauty brands?

cpna-10Millennials bring to the table a unique set of purchasing habits unlike anything we’ve seen before. They shop differently than their mother’s and grandmother’s, and want complete control over the shopping experience. Millennials go out of their way to cultivate their own unique style, and purchase decisions are more likely to be influenced by social media, advice from their friends, celebrities, or famous beauty bloggers than by a brand or traditional advertising. Consumer incomes are on the rise, and the changing lifestyles presented by the Millennial group are driving the global beauty industry, which is forecasted to reach $265 billion by 2017. This consumer group gravitates towards eCommerce instead of in-store shopping since it allows Millennials to achieve complete control over their shopping experience. Beauty brands are rethinking their strategy to reach these consumers, taking advantage of augmented reality beauty solutions so shoppers can instantly try and buy online or in an app, creating a true end-to-end eCommerce experience. Continue reading Alice CosmoProf Interview Q’s and A’s