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Identifying Four Consumer Types Impacting Today’s Beauty Market

While large corporations once dictated trends to consumers, today it is evident that the power is also in the hand of the consumers.  And with the advent of mobile devices, online tutorials, and social media, consumers are highly savvy and more informed than ever, demanding constant innovation and update. As quickly as they can make positive recommendations exponentially to all their contacts through social media, they can just as quickly spread reviews that are negative. Continue reading CONSUMER EMPOWERMENT:

10 Ways to Make the Consumer Your Best Friend

By Doreen Bloch

cpna-3At Poshly, we create engaging and personalized data collection experiences to connect consumers to the products they love. For example, when consumers come to Poshly, they can enter to win products (Pat McGrath’s Phantom 002, anyone?) by answering fun and fast quizzes about their beauty needs and preferences. We then aggregate the data and make it completely anonymous, empowering brands to leverage these insights for decision-making across product development, sales, marketing, media, retail, content and more. Continue reading 10 Ways to Make the Consumer Your Best Friend


By Corey Huggins


  1. How has the growth of the multicultural sector affected product marketing and innovation for mainstream brands?

Inclusion & Innovation.  The rise of the Multicultural demographic now requires General Market brands to simply be more inclusive in their thinking.  They now have to include the diverse beauty needs and shades of the deeper toned consumer in their product marketing planning. This “new consumer” comes with a requirement for Brands of having to innovate different types of formulas & products to address their specific needs. For example, this can be seen with Clinique’s Even Better Dark Spot Corrector.  Although not exclusively developed for the Multicultural market, its advanced Continue reading MULTICULTURAL BEAUTY MATTERS…