Social Media Know-How- Use It To Your Advantage

YouBeauty is changing the way we look at beauty.  With a partnership with celebrity doctors Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen, is the first website to exclusively explore the link between health and beauty.  Over 1.6 million women worldwide log on each month to see advice from YouBeauty’s panel of experts, and thousands of women on Facebook and Twitter discuss various topics in a sub-community that is linked to the website. 
Laura Kenney, YouBeauty’s Editor-in-Chief, weighs in on their social media success and how smaller businesses can use social media to their advantage.  Like her insights? Learn more from YouBeauty’s Chief Marketing Officer Stuart Bogarty at CPNA’s “Social Marketing: The Power of Social Tools” conference, taking place on Monday, July 23rd, from 11:00-12:30pm.

  1.  In less than a year after launching, you have over 12,000 followers on Twitter and 110,000 “likes” on Facebook.  To what do you attribute this success?

    -YouBeauty has put an emphasis on the development of premium content.  This content resonates very well with our audience and has performed very well on Facebook and Twitter.  By having regularly published quality content to share with our audience, we have received a great volume of shares, likes, retweets, and comments.  We also have mixed in questions and polls that are highly interacted with on Facebook. Additionally, we have executed several marketing programs to grow our fan bases in a qualified and efficient manner.

  2. How do you use social media to connect with your audience?

    – We use each social “channel” a little bit differently.  Currently our main focus is on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  We also use Google+ and Tumblr, although with a little less focus.  Each of these channels has a different user base with different consumption patterns and content expectations.  The real secret to managing a brand across a site plus all of these ever growing and changing channels is to understand how they are different and how and what users expect to see in each one.

  3. In what ways can a start-up company use social media to their advantage?

    -If you are a start-up, social media isn’t something you CAN use, it needs to be a part of your brand and a part of your business plan from day one! Anyone that is launching a new brand of any kind must understand that social media is an extension of whatever you are doing. If you don’t provide it and manage it proactively, it will be built for you and you will lose a great deal of control.

  4. What trends do you see developing online?

    -There are always an endless number of new and emerging trends developing online. The most important thing that any company can do is constantly seek out new opportunities and to study the landscape as often as possible. I would recommend that you have at least one meeting per week with a company whose technology, platform, or positioning is somewhat unknown to you. This will ensure that you are staying on top of trends.  The goal is to be able to spot of these trends early and take advantage of them.

  5. How do you develop the editorial content for

    -We’re here at YouBeauty because staying healthy can (and should) be fun! Healthy choices will make you look and feel beautiful. The mission of our articles, columns, and quizzes is to make your healthy choices complete no-brainers.  We partner with leading universitioes and research institutions to bring you validated scales to help you understand and harness your inner and outer beauty. In areas where scales do not exist, we’ve created our own based on science. To make sure everything we write is up to the highest scientific standards, we’ve recruited a team of experts made up of the most exciting thinkers in science, beauty, and fitess to replace myths with proven facts and measurements. Our readers get action steps based on their quiz results, and from there can join discussions and read articles based on what makes the most sense for their goals, whether they want to feel younger, be happier, sleep better or rock a hot, new haircut (or all of the above!). Our daily articles are based on beauty, health and science news, along with topics our readers tell us they’re interested in, and market trends pinpointed by our editors. Overall, we focus on two things: explaining the how’s and why’s through science so our readers fully understand each issue, and taking a positive approach to health and beauty, giving readers easy steps and actionable ideas on how to become happier, healthier, and more beautiful.



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