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Melinda Wittstock, CEO & Founder of Verifeed
Melinda Wittstock, CEO & Founder of Verifeed

Hair Care Trends & Influencers

What do women share with each other on Twitter about hair care products?

Verifeed monitored millions of women tweeting, re-tweeting, and influencing opinions (and no doubt purchases) of shampoos, conditioners, hairsprays and styling products, and anything and everything to get lustrous, manageable healthy hair. They shared tips, recommendations and more.


In its Hair Care Trends & Influencers Snapshot, Verifeed reveals opportunities for hair care brands –new and established – to build positive, cost-efficient ‘buzz’ on social networks such as Twitter and boost conversions and sales by identifying, engaging and rewarding their best influencers and amplifiers.

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Here are the headlines:

– Top 10 CONSUMER Hair Care Influencers engaged 1,385,816 people with 10 Tweets shared 161 times in four weeks. Projected annually, these 10 will reach more than 16.6 million targeted people.

– Top 10 BRAND Hair Care Influencers engaged 1,158,383 people with 95 Tweets shared an average of 4 times. Annualized, projected reach is 13.9 million.

– Top 10 Amplifiers shared product recommendations with 204,435 people, in most cases Re-Tweeting ‘Influencer’ and Brand Tweets. Annualized, projected reach is 2.45 million.

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Verifeed filtered, parsed and looked for patterns in hundreds of conversations to identify the 100 top hair care ‘influencers’. We mapped what we call their ‘amplification impact’ towards driving favorable ‘word of mouth’ outcomes – brand building, conversions and revenue – for hair care brands.

We found that some brands were missing opportunities to authentically connect with their existing and would-be customers, and that activity and followers alone are not enough to predict or guarantee lucrative outcomes. Consumers are looking for brand content that relates directly to their daily lives and problems, and engages them in a one-on-one conversation. If it is a blatant promotion or ‘sell’ it won’t get shared. If it is a helpful tip that is not directly self-interested, it stands a better chance. We found that companies that relate their posts to the news, even weather – the context and specific circumstance and lifestyle of their existing and target customers – have a better chance of getting noticed and shared.

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