Social Intelligence Snapshot Report: Nails

Melinda Wittstock, CEO & Founder of Verifeed
Melinda Wittstock, CEO & Founder of Verifeed
Twitter, it seems, went wild when Harry Styles, the One Direction singer, sported yellow nail polish. Thousands of women (and men) tweeted, re-tweeted and otherwise obsessed about the heartthrob’s nails. Verifeed tagline & logo

At Verifeed, we’re curious: Did sales of yellow nail polish colors soar, or plummet?Nail Top TweetsToday, in partnership with the beauty trade show Cosmoprof we unveil our latest Beauty Social Intelligence Snapshot – this month, on nail care trends, styles and influencers. Nail twitter generalWe analyzed all Twitter conversations about nail care – from nail polish, glazes and gels to nail art and manicures and more. People influenced opinions (and no doubt purchases) as they shared nail care challenges, thoughts on products, nail art tips, special offers, and more. But rather than simply take the aggregate temperature of public opinion as many sentiment analysis tools do, Verifeed sought to understand who steered the conversation – and how – and who helped spread the word.Top Nail Amplifiers

For this Snapshot, Verifeed focused on consumer (rather than brand) influence. We did not specifically search brand Twitter @handles so as to discover how often brands were mentioned in Twitter conversations without prompting by the brand. We found that No nail brands – even top names like OPI, Model’s Own, and CND – ranked in the top 100 influencers, despite sizable numbers of Twitter followers.

The top 25 CONSUMER Nail Care Influencers engaged 700,332 people with 25 Tweets shared 158 times in four weeks. Projected annually, these 10 will reach 8.96 million targeted consumers.Top Nail Influencers

 The most active 25 Amplifiers re-Tweeted product recommendations and nail art tips with 673,727 people, mainly sharing Tweets by influential consumers and bloggers rather than brands. Annualized, projected reach is more than 8 million.

 The most resonant topics in June were nail art tutorials and tips for home manicures.

 Separately, for one week in July, we analyzed top and emerging nail brand Tweets and interactions for a specific ‘brand impact snapshot’ to see which brands were resonating most with consumers and why. @Modelsown proved by far the most effective at engaging social fans, with the best rate of engagement as loyal fans persistently ‘starred’ and re-tweeted its visual content and special offers.

 We found that the top performers regularly:

:: Included compelling photographs in every Tweet

:: Re-Tweeted their most loyal fans’ photos and tips

:: Provided tutorials and other style tips

:: Pushed special offers and marketing tie-ins, for instance OPI’s deal with Coca-Cola

:: Connected Tweets to events such as World Cup Soccer and the Fourth of July

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