Hope Is Not a Good Strategy – Insights and tactics at the Digital Discovery Tool Booth

Erick Brownstein Founder, The New Agency
Erick Brownstein
Founder, The New Agency


Online marketing. Online video. Your website. There’s no longer any doubt that these are crucial elements to a beauty brand’s success. However, there’s plenty of doubt about what to do and how to do it.  


 Building a successful online presence demands starting with strategy. Developing a smart online strategy, not one based on hope, requires an understanding of your place in the digital landscape. You need to know what others in your industry are doing well and poorly and what tools (both cutting edge and tried and true) can you use to build and engage audience and drive sales.


 The New Agency connects brands with online solutions. At the upcoming CosmoProf North America Event in July, Our Digital Discovery Tool Booth will provide unique tools to help you (whether you’re a senior executive who’s never logged onto Facebook or a senior marketer) get a glimpse into what your brand is doing online and how it compares with industry leaders. We’re presenting a few cutting edge and under the radar (yet battle-tested) partners who will reveal insights into the performance of your website and your YouTube presence while also demonstrating a unique gamified ambassador program to drive sales while engaging customers.


Free! No obligations! All expenses paid! The Digital Tool Booth will be a place for insights and conversation. We’ll be there to help you chart a simple, but effective course for moving through the ever-changing digital landscape. In addition to sharing our capabilities, we want to hear about the broad and specific challenges that your brand deals with day in and day out. The more we understand, the better we can help you craft solutions.

 At the booth (we’ll be in the Interactive Technology Area, D10009), we’ll have representatives from Strike Social, SpringBox and Bamboo.


Strike Social plans and executes targeted YouTube video distribution campaigns. Strike will be offering their tech dashboard that shows you data and insights about your YouTube channel and videos. If you don’t have a YouTube channel that’s currently worthy of analyzing, don’t worry, you’re still welcome as we’ll also be revealing the same information about competitors and industry leaders! Strike can show, for example, how much a brand has been spending on YouTube to promote specific videos. In addition, they provide a Contagious score that demonstrates different video’s level of engagement and shareability.  For planning, this can guide you in choosing which videos to promote as well as show what’s working for others.

SpringBox Digital Partners work with brands large and small to help them succeed online. With a focus on real ROI, e.g., conversion to sales, SpringBox will provide “behind the scenes” digital evaluations of both your web and social media presence…and…once again, those of your competitors or partners. With their custom analytics tools, they’ll apply their digital expertise to unlock quantifiable customer insights. From user behavior on your website, to social channel performance, SpringBox will provide the insights to improve your digital strategy.


Bamboo is a social rewards program that utilizes the best aspects of social media, gamification and loyalty to incentivize brand advocates to take actions to support the brand. The Bamboo platform has been used by global brans, from Nestle to Fox, and is now accessible to smaller brands who want to reward their customers for taking actions such as recruiting friends into VIP programs, sharing content and driving sales.

 Finally, yours truly, Erick B, the founder of The New Agency, will be on hand to talk big picture strategy, as well as nuts and bolts. The New Agency has worked with beauty brands as well as small and global brands across multiple industries. We are truly helpers and want you to succeed. We leverage our expertise across platforms to help your brand build capabilities, from insight to planning to action. Hope to see you soon!


Erick Brownstein | TheNewAgency.com | Founder – Erick Brownstein helps advertisers unlock YouTube and succeed with online video. Erick is a new media strategist and entrepreneur. On both the client and the agency side, Erick has worked with senior executives across diverse industries, helping them navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. He has guided the CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies (B2B & B2C), developed the strategic foundation for a global beauty brand’s social media strategy, directed international environmental and human rights campaigns, assembled and lead teams to develop, launch and promote successful consumer facing brands and driven millions of dollars in advertising sales. Erick B’s diverse background underlies his ability to drive meaningful results in a complicated digital world.TheNewAgency.com