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Tips for Small Business: Creating a unique image on a small budget

BY Chris James, Vice President, East Hill Industries

One of the most challenging parts to building a small personal care brand is setting your product apart from the competition.  This challenge can be even more difficult when it comes to your packaging.  How can a small company that has to use in-stock packaging come up with a unique look and compete with  larger competitors who use custom packaging?  That always seems to be the million dollar question.  The good news is, over the last few years, many packaging companies have noticed and turned their attention to the lack of options. Continue reading Tips for Small Business: Creating a unique image on a small budget

Born Again … and More Tech-Savvy Than Ever

Ron Robinson
Founder of

In any startup, agility is a top priority. Changing directions based on customerfeedback, streamlining focus, responding to consumer needs … it’s all part of creating a new business.

 We’re lucky that the beauty community is so vocal. They tell us what they need and want, and when we take a moment to stop and listen, we learn a lot. We learn nearly everything we need to know, really.

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Subscription Box Model: Is It Right For Your Brand?

Corey Huggins and Christene Carr

Sampling is a necessary tool in the marketing mix for any brand in Beauty.  Industry data has long cited sampling as the number one driver for sales conversion.  Therefore, with the advent of beauty subscription boxes, brands are eager to take advantage of their practices for sales conversions.  However, with so many box services from which to choose and each one offering a different take on beauty, how does a Brand choose one box versus another?  As we tell our clients, all beautiful relationships begin with two fundamental principles- Knowing Yourself and Knowing Your Partner. 

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CPNA 2013 Trend Report

After celebrating it’s 11th edition this July at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Cosmoprof North America (CPNA) releases the 2nd annual TREND REPORT. 2013 proved to be a record year for the show both in terms of the largest number of attendees in the show’s history and the largest number of participating exhibitors – resulting in a vast number of new products and trends that were unveiled at the show. Retailers and innovation seekers scoured countless aisles to find new brands and categories to introduce to their consumers. Findings from the CPNA Trendscouts, beauty bloggers, editors and retailers buyers made up the complete 2013 CPNA Trend Report.

Insights of Top Beauty Blogger

Annie Tomlin from

One of the many things does well is share Beauty Must Reads from the Bella Community of beauty bloggers and other beauty sites. As Senior Beauty Editor, Annie Tomlin reports on all things beauty… it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. She took some time from her busy schedule reporting on NYC Fashion Week, to do a quick Q&A for CPNAnewsflash on her experience at Cosmoprof North Americaas a first-timer this July in Las Vegas. As a group of beauty editors reporting trends from the show, Annie saw first-hand new brands trying to break into the industry, well established brands launching new collections and technology taking beauty to the next level. Now, let’s get her take on the biggest beauty venue in North America and what’s the next big thing in beauty.

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Daniela Ciocan’s – What Not to Miss at CPNA 2011

It takes a lot of people to put CPNA together. As the Marketing and Sales Director for the show, my team and I work almost a year in advance developing new programs and initiatives to attract the 22,000+ visitors to Las Vegas. It is with a strong commitment to excellence, that we offer our exhibitors and attendees, educational conferences, industry networking events and the opportunity to further succeed in the beauty market. With 10 days till show time, I want to share with you some exciting news of what will be taking place this July 31-August 2.

First and foremost, I am excited about all the brands taking part in the upcoming event. This year 750 companies, including 205 abroad companies, will introduce their innovative products and encourage consumers to discover these brands in local retail stores, spas and salons.
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IT Cosmetics

By Jamie Kern Lima, Co-Founder IT Cosmetics

• How did Cosmoprof help It Cosmetics get to the next level in the beauty market?

Discover Beauty was an amazing opportunity to meet one-on-one with both domestic and international buyers and get their direct feedback on product assortment and brand positioning. Many of them had not heard of our brand before, so it was a great opportunity to get our products in front of them for the first time. As a result we had our first Trunk Show at Henri Bendel Department Store in NYC and are excited to continue working with them! We also met so many other wonderful brand owners, and it was a great opportunity to exchange advice as well. We were so honored to be selected as a Discover Beauty 2010 brand and the experience truly exceeded our expectations.

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Entrepreneur 101: The Elevator Pitch and other key insights

Karen Young | CEO The Young Group

I was on the phone with a passionate entrepreneur this morning and it took him 22 minutes to explain his concept to me. Not only did he lose my attention, but I was convinced he hadn’t thought through the product story. In an era when everyone has ADD, multi tasks, doesn’t listen and refuses to read, this is not a good start. Executive summaries have replaced concept decks. Acronyms have replaced conversations. Text messages are practically considered full blown dialogues. That USP (acronym for Unique Selling Proposition) had better be strong, concise, clear, compelling and immediately understood.

By now, everyone has heard the adage that you have 4 seconds to connect with
the consumer. She is being bombarded with upwards of 5k messages of some
sort daily.

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Does Your Brand Need A face lift?

At last year’s Cosmoprof North America I got to see my creative partner at united*, Andy Johnson, literally kill it on stage with an amazing presentation on how young, even start-up brands and entrepreneurs can develop their point of view and bring their brands to market so that they are truly differentiating. The message was that there is so much passion and energy in this industry, but that this doesn’t compensate for poorly designed brand strategies. Really sharpening a brand’s point of view and how and where to tell the story is something that many companies need help with, for sure. Companies big and small.

People were in line for almost 30 minutes after the 2010 session to talk to Andy and pick his brain on their ideas, brands and ways of coming to market. And this year he is back for more! In fact, be on the look for Andy at Monday’s session from 1:30 to 3:00, August 1, Private Label – Emotional Branding– How to Navigate and Attract? where his topic will be “emotional branding”.

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